3 keeper league help!

12 team, .5 ppr 3 keeper league.
Our league is starting to really heat up with trades and i keep over thinking things. In your opinion which three would you keep?
McCaffery rd 2
Hill Rd 3
Brady rd 6
Woods rd 7
Rudolph rd 9
Hurns rd 14

CMC & THE CHEETHAH fa sure, we not too sure bout #3, lookl like a priority question, ask the Bosses.

Hill and Hurns are easy keepers for me.

I like Woods, but I think round 7 is a little early, his ADP is round 9.

Brady is not bad value there, but I am a little low on him this year, which is hard since I am a Pats fan. I think he will be a great football QB this year, and will be a very efficient QB, but I think they will run the ball a lot more this year. I could see him having a year like Drew Brees last year, finish with 4000 yards, 30 TDs and 6 interceptions. Still very good, but not top 5.

McCaffrey is not bad there, depending on what other RBs are being kept.

Rudolph is pretty good value there. Wouldn’t mind him, thinking he will have a good enough year with Cousins.

I would go with Rudolph in the 9th as my 3rd keeper and hope that McCaffrey or someone of equal talent is there in the 2nd. Also couldn’t hate you if you went with McCaffrey in the 2nd depending on what other RBs are kept and how this the talent pool is at the position.