3 keeper options....help

10 team PPR league. My options are to keep Dalvin Cook for my third rounder, Adam Theilen for my 11th, or Alex Collins for my 17th rounder. I have the 9th pick and I’ve done about 20 or so mocks and almost always have the option to take Julio, Cook, Thomas, Allen, and on rare occasion Gordon at 9 and 12. I KNOW that the guy at 10 is keeping Leveon for his first rounder and plans to take Cook at 11. So my question is…who should I keep out of my three options, knowing who I’ll more than likely have at 9 and 12.

Dalvin cook for your 3rd round is where I would go… Then with your first 2 picks you can go stud RB and stud WR and start the draft with 2 RB1s and a WR1… If there are not any RB you like in rounds 1 and 2 then go stud WR WR and you still start the draft in good shape.

If you don’t like that option I would go Alex Collins in the 17th next.