3 Keeper Question - Full PPR

I have to choose three players for a 10 team, 2 WR, full ppr league. The players and their rounds are listed below. The players that I picked up off waivers can be used for my last pick. I think Hill and Ertz are obvious, but looking for help.

Amari Cooper - (Last round)
Damien Williams - (Last round)
Tyreek Hill - (Sixth round)
Kerryon Johnson - (Seventh round)
Zach Ertz - (Tenth Round)

Hill, Ertz, & Damien Williams for a free pick.

I’d go Tyreek, Ertz, and Kerryon

hill, KJ, cooper.

hill is obvious, cheap WR1 with being THE WR1 upside.

KJ is cheap, and is a borderline RB1. cant argue there.

cooper i get will get me some odd looks, but for that cheap, im taking him. he is free, will be used on that team a lot and his job is secure. that last part i cant say for sure with damien.

and ertz, great value and all i just dont keep TEs unless they are crazy cheap, AND there isnt anything with equal or better value at RB or WR. you have one of each i would prefer to keep over him.

Yeah, I was really hard set on keeping Ertz, but it does make sense to keep Cooper over him. I’ve got some trade feelers out for some picks now so we’ll see what happens. Thanks for the advice.