3 Keeper Question

12 team league, 1/2 point PPR, need to keep 3 players:

-Alshon Jeffery
-Brandin Cooks
-DeVante Parker
-Sterling Shepard
-Robert Woods
-Jay Ajayi
-Ty Montgomery
-Aaron Jones
-Jamaal Williams
-Zach Ertz
-Trey Burton
-Carson Wentz

The keepers are assigned as the last 3 draft picks so out of this list which 3 should I keep?

Thanks in advance #Footclan

I’d keep Ertz, Ajayi and then probably Cooks. Simply cause I don’t want to stack Jeffrey/Ajayi and also Jeffrey is made of glass. Unfortunately Ertz Ajayi stack isn’t great either but getting a top TE that late is too valuable to pass up.

Aaron jones is another possibility if you really want to try and gamble but the value for cooks as a late round pick is too substantial to pass up.

I would keep Wentz, Ertz & Cooks. Simply for the draft capital that each of these guys carry. To be able to get one of the Top 5 QB’s with one of the last picks in the draft is :fire: Add in a Top 5 TE and that is two positions that you wont have to worry about reaching for, allowing you to focus on all the WR’s and RB’s you need.

As a matter of policy, I just don’t keep QBs if there are other options cause the class is just way to deep. The point differential between Wentz and whatever QB you can draft in the 9-12 rounds is much smaller than the point differential of Ajayi vs whatever RB you can get in those rounds. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like Ajayi as a talent but the opportunity is hard to ignore. Also, Wentz is still recovering from his knee injury so not a lock that he’s there to start early on so you’ll have to roster 2 QBs.

And the other issue with your approach of focusing on WRs/RBs is that other teams will also be keeping 3 players. And given most people apply the don’t keep a QB approach, or at least they should, that is another 33 RBs/WRs off the board. So even if you can focus your draft on them, who knows what slim pickings will be left. Always a challenge with Keepers but if possible, should try and project what other guys would keep.


This is a good take.! Definitely makes me think differently about taking Wentz.

I would keep Ertz, Cooks and Ajayi.

I would go Ertz, Cooks and Wentz. Good value with the last 3 picks, and not am not a huge fan of Ajayi this year, feel like he is just a guy. Also have more of a chance of redrafting him at a value over Wentz.

Ajay’s ADP is 4.05 according to Fantasy Football Calculator

Despite not having high projections, that’s still great value. Whereas I think you could wait on QB and get Wentz in the 6th or someone else in the 10-12 rounds.

Do you know what other QBs are being kept? If several QBs are off the board, I think you have to keep Wentz.

Regardless, I think Ajayi and Ertz are locks and then Cooks or Wentz depending on what QBs will be in the pool