3 keeper strategy help!

12 team 0.5ppr, 3 keepers max. Keepers due today, so far I have Lamar Jackson (8th) and Miles Sanders (3rd). Now I initially put Kamara as my 1st round keeper but now I’m debating…each team picks draft spot based on regular season standings, so since I won it last year, I pick my spot last. If everyone is logical, if I keep Kamara, based on our keeper list it looks like there are 4 teams who keep 1st rounders, then those without keepers would pick spots 5-12. I would think I would end up with first overall pick if I keep Kamara, or I’d get 12th pick if I don’t. Likely Jacobs, Mixon, Ekeler, AJones would be there at the turn, so I’m tempted. Any thoughts on this? Not to mention drafting in 1 spot seems less than ideal. Might be overthinking since it’s Kamara, but appreciate any help thanks.