3 keepers for upcoming draft

In a 3 keeper league. 1/2ppr nothing special pick 3.

Dalvin cook 1st round keeper

Deandre Hopkins 1st becomes 2nd Round keeper if I keep cook

Lev Bell 2nd becomes 3rd round keeper if I keep Hopkins or cook

Chris Carson 3rd round keeper

Raheem mostert 16th round keeper

Mostert in the 16th seems like a no brainier. I would pair that with Cook in the 1st.

Do you have to keep 3 players? If so, suggest Hopkins in the 2nd would be the third keeper.

Where are you drafting at in the first round?

10th pick in the 1st

It really depends On your competition’s Preferences with their keepers. Mostert is a no brainer…then Cook & Carson(WR depth this year is huge)…finally you keep your 2nd & 4th picks for WRs or WR/ TE

If you don’t have to keep 3, I’d just keep Cook.

DHop’s adp is 2nd
Carson’s adp is 3rd/4th
Lev bell’s is after carson
Mostert is a value in the 16th but I’m not excited about him

You’re not getting any value out of keeping the others, just paying their fair price and I’m not high on any of these guys coming into the year.