3 Keepers, lose round

My league is 3 keepers and lose the round pick of player you keep. No amazingly I’m keeping Kamara for the 12th, waiver adds start there, and Hopkins T the 3rd. Now am I being a complete moron keeping Ertz at the 8th over Bell at the 1st. My feeling is I can still make a great pick in the 1st but I gamble on the possible players I like being at my spot. Thoughts?

I would take Bell. Unless you have a very early pick in the 1st and think you could get a guy like Barkley who could be a great long term keeper option.

I like to look at the teams in my league and attempt to predict who they will keep and make my selections from that. Having an idea of who will be available at your first round pick helps in putting the decision into perspective.

Keeping Ertz as an 8th is good value for his ADP, but you’re missing out on more value in my opinion if you let Bell go and end up with a lower tier RB.