3 Keepers what would you do

I am in a 16 team keeper league its been going for 12 years, what would you do out off the following scenario’s

  1. Keep McCaffrey , Diggs & Ertz
  2. Keep McCaffrey , Mel Gordon and one of Ertz & Diggs
    3)Keep McCaffrey , Mel Gordon and Eckler get rid of Diggs & Ertzs

I think I’d go with scenario 1. I don’t have a good feeling about Gordon and it looks like that scenario has the least risk involved.

Scenario 1. Safe floor with high upside potential. Unless Gordon is in camp with a New contract, he’s not worth the risk, not to mention Gordon falls on the injury prone side of things too…
Diggs has WR1 upside and Ertz is as safe as they come at TE. Not having to worry about your TE position week to week is a great blessing in Fantasy Football, Most especially in a 16 team League, I would try to Pair Goedart with Ertz and you’re set for TE for years to come…