3 Keepers Who would you choose?

10 Team Auction/Keeper League Budget $250. Keep up to 3

$6 Mark Ingram
$7 Kerryon Johnson
$11 Zach Ertz
$18 Damien Williams
$23 Joe Mixon
$27 JuJu
$62 OBJ
Leaning Kerryon/JuJu/Mixon or OBJ but tough to ignore Ertz at $11

Which 3 would you pick?

Juju & Mixon for sure. I understand Kerryon for the price, but what if Williams is the 3 down back for KC :slight_smile: Grabbing Ertz at that price makes a lot of since to me and still plenty of budget to get more talent.

Ertz is dirt cheap and takes care of that position. (And top 3 at that.) Which means you don’t have to worry about spending money there or the other top TEs getting bid up. Personally I’d start there. Because when there’s scarcity, guys will get bid up. There’s a scarcity at TE, and it doesn’t take interest from too many teams to get prices out of control in an auction…

Juju is dirt cheap, but so is everyone else on your list that’s not OBJ. If this is a 3WR + 1Flex league, I think that’s your next choice. If it’s 2RB/2WR or a standard league, that might change my opinion a bit. Regardless, with your final two keepers, just pick whomever you believe to be the best two guys.

Other than OBJ. Which how much money you’ll have left over, you can afford to spend a little bit at your other WR/RBs.