3 Leagues/1 Championship - Really interesting Set Up

In my fraternity, I’ve commissioned three leagues that all come together to play for one Championship. The construction is really interesting. So far it’s been a blast, but I have some concerns going into the Championship. I’m not sure about our roster construction. I’d like to hear how the footclan would set up the Championship League Roster. Keep in mind, it’s a small 4 team league starting in week 15, ends in week 16, requires a new draft in week 14, and due to system limitations we can’t restrict the player universe in any way. Right now the league seems to be leaning toward 2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 0 TE, 0 K, 0 DST, 1WR/RB/TE FLEX, and 3 Bench Spots. What do you think?

Here are the league details:
Alumni Leagues
There are two alumni leagues, the All-Star and the Expansion League. Every year the bottom two teams in the All-Star league are demoted to the Expansion League and the top two teams from the Expansion League are promoted to the All-Star League. League sizes may adjust from year to year to allow as many brothers to play as possible. However, if there is more demand than availability, then rather than expanding the leagues, we may kick out the bottom two teams in the Expansion League to make room for new managers.

Undergrad Leagues
The undergrad league will be set up and commissioned by Gerry. Gerry will also appoint an undergraduate co-commissioner to manage the day to day operations of the league, recruit owners, and set up the draft.

The league settings will mirror the Alumni Leagues as much as possible so that there is continuity between the individual leagues and the Championship League. However, depending on the league size, roster construction may differ. It’s suggested that the undergrads start with an 8 team league and expand only when there is overwhelming interest.

Championship League
Week 11 - The regular season for all leagues ends
Week 12 - League Playoffs Week 1
Week 13 - League Playoffs Week 2 (Individual League Championship Games)
Week 14 - Championship League Email Draft
Week 15 - Championship Playoff Week 1
Week 16 - Championship Playoff Week 2 (Delta Phi Championship Game)

Seeding and Draft Order
The number 1 seed and draft position will be assigned at random between the champion of the Alumni All-Star League and the champion of the undergraduate league. The number 2 seed and draft position will go to the other team. The remaining seeds and draft positions will then alternate such that all seeds and draft positions alternate between alumni and undergraduates.

The draft will be a slow draft done through email to make sure that all those that made it to the Championship have the opportunity to draft their championship team. Additionally due to the league size the draft will be a standard draft rather than snake.

Championship Round 1 Matchups