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3 leagues, looking for advice/confirmation ppr/.5ppr/standard


Hey Guys,

First post here, Ive got a few teams this year and im looking for a couple of you to look over my starting line ups in each league and let me know what you think. here it goes:

League 1 - 12 teams, full PPR

QB: Brees
WR: Micheal Thomas, Emanual Sanders
RB: Devonta Freeman, Lamar Miller
TE: Austin Hooper
Flex: Rob Kelley
K: Chris Boswell
DST: Buff
Bench: TY Hilton, Jaquizz, DJax, Riddick, Amendola, D"Onta Foreman

Pretty set on this line up, little concerned about benching a wr1 in week 1 but im not too sold on him with Luck sitting out.

League 2 - 10 teams, 1/2 PPR

QB: Wentz
WR: Baldwin, Diggs
RB: Le’Veon Bell,Ty Montgomery
TE: Fleener
Flex: Zeke
K: McManus
DST: Baltimore
Bench: DeVante Parker, Keenan Allen, Ameer Abdullah, Doug Martin, Brandon Marshal (Only 5 BN spots here)

This line is pretty much a lock, the only thing i may change is Ameer Abdullah - Ty Montgomery swap but i genuinly believe Monty is going to go off this season (big time, like 1400+ combined yards)

League 3 - 12 teams, Standard -2 interceptions, -points Missed FG, -2 Missed PAT

QB: Brees
WR: Amari Cooper, Larry Fitzgerald
RB: Le’Veon Bell, Kareem Hunt
TE: Kyle Rudolph
Flex: Derrick Henry
K: McManus
DST: Arizona
Bench: Frank Gore, RunDMC, Ted Ginn Jr., Corey Davis, Chris Carson, D"Onta Foreman

I have the most concerns about this league, very competitive league. Lacking WR depth. Not really sure who to flex, i think its a dice roll, I kind of like Ginn jr. but i think Derrick Henry has that there TD upside. I had to take some fliers in late rounds so the bench is weak right now.

Thanks guys!


I might use Frank Gore instead of Derrick Henry in the last lineup. I’d trust him more especially with Luck out.


Thanks dude

edit: Side note team 1: I have a couple of trades out, trying to get rid of Lamar Miller for Hunt, or Cook, or Crowell (I think Cook is going to be THE rookie to have)


Crowell trade went through. Playing him at rb2, Miller is off to a new manager. Pretty square trade i feel, I think miller probably has more yards this season but hes not as great a pass catcher as crowell and ive got d’onta foreman as a bargaining chip if miller goes down.