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3 Offers for Zeke


Dynasty, half PPR 12 team. Had the below offers, keen to get the clan’s take. Only giving Zeke in all three trades:

Offer 1
I get Mixon, Diggs, (maybe Crowell, was offered via message)

Offer 2
I get McCaffrey, Ajayi 2019 3rd

Offer 3
Cook, Kupp, Michel or Duke

I’m thinking no but just wanted some takes. Other RBs are Guice,CJA,Cohen,Breida,Riddick,Barber, Allen and Baldwin are my 1 and 2 WR with Ertz at TE if that helps here.


I think the 1st and 3rd offer are both solid, but especially the 3rd! Dalvin Cook and Zeke are near a wash to me, and in all honesty – I trust in the structural integrity of Cook’s knee more than I do Zeke’s maturity. To be able to then add Kupp and Sony Michel; Man!! I would accept that offer and not look back.


None of those offers are enough for me to deal Zeke.

Zeke is a blue chip, 1st round startup, potential league winner. You need to get supreme value in return.


Thanks for the response man, yeah i was thinking firm no to 2 but 1 and 3 made me pause. If Cook is what he was at the start of last year and Michel is a decent RB2 guy, with Kupp to flex i’ll be happy enough. Offer 1 as well, if Mixon hits and with Diggs if he stays healthy my starting guys would be really strong for the nect two to three years at least.


I agree on the value of Zeke for sure. The risk is there with Cook and Mixon both injury history now and Mixon being stuck with Lewis but if they got back or were RB1 guys for the future plus the extra capital to add to my starting line up, mainly Diggs at this stage as Michel is unknown - is that not worth a gamble? Or at least a strong debate as it would lose me Zeke sure, but as a line up with all those guys in plus what i have i would by far be the strongest roster right now

I also have Kirk and Miller to develop on the bench and Staff the steady QB with Winston/Darnold as back ups.


@James89 That is the problem with those offers. I made a similar comment on another post recently. You NEED all the players in return to hit in order to make the deal worthwhile. There is no room for error.

That is often why you have to overpay for players like Zeke and if you can get them at the value described above - you are the auto-winner. As we know - not everyone is going to hit!


This is all team dependent…but for Zeke, I would be asking (at least) for a low end WR1 (Green/Evans/etc,), a 2019 1st and 2nd and another WR2/RB2.

If offer 3 was Cook/Kupp/Michel and a 2019 1st/2nd than I would consider it.


That’s fair and the risk is higher i guess as i don’t need to trade him i don’t have any major needs so i can sell for the kings ransom or not at all in this situation, that was my other thought. Would you be expecting at least two tier 1 players back in this situation then, either WR/RB or RB/RB (i can’t afford to do WR/WR with no other RB back really) who have youth on their side as well as it’s dynasty and Zeke is so young?

Edit - sorry posted at the same time as above


Thanks for the takes man, and yeah that makes sense maybe i’ll counter the third offer and see what kind of payment he would go up to. That team does have Thomas and Cooper at WR as well so could mix them in.

If the Green owner came on for him, he has the pieces but also owns Gurley so i don’t fancy making a monster of my own making lol!


If the #2 trade was a 1st round pick then I’d entertain it.


Also this is where trade calculators don’t help as they valued offer 3 as a win for me as it is, even if i switch in Duke for Michel which is way off


That team is the one i might be able to get to overpay, the guy is a Cowboys fan and has Dak as his only QB as well. Only has Brown as a blue chip, did just trade for CMC though but overpaid in my books. I do worry about Ajayi though as a future dynasty guy as well as a little this year…


CMC will always be capped due to his inability to be a volume or between-the-tackles runner, IMO, and Ajayi just has way too many things working against him for him to be very trustworthy. It’d take quite a bit more for me to consider that deal, especially given what the other two are offering.

As for needing all the pieces in the 3rd deal to hit in order for it to be worth, though; I disagree! Cook is in a better offense than Zeke and should get more 3rd-down work. Apart from the difference in perceived value, I like Cook every bit as much. And Kupp is as certain a commodity as there is. He’s a PPR guy with a capped ceiling, but tremendously high floor and dynasty value. With Sony – he’s in the best situation any receiving-back could be long-term. Is he an unknown? Sure. But who isn’t? It’s football. All you need to consider with him is talent, and he has it in spades.

Personally, I love the 3rd offer and would do it in an instant! You can ask for more, for sure, but even as is you’re getting far more in return than you’re giving up. Cook is the real deal, and two years from now you could be looking at two RB1’s and a top 20 WR. Can’t beat that, IMO!


@Ricky87 Wanna water bet Zeke vs Cook in 2018? (0.5 PPR total points)


You are right offer 2 is bad.

Offer 1 does not return value enough due to usage questions for Mixon and injury questions for Diggs.

Offer 3 is dangerous, I would factor Duke out immediately. That is a bad offense until I see it improve on the field, and Duke is splitting ALL work with 2 other guys.
Cook is interesting, but this is all just guess work right now. Having full confidence in him is a little foolish considering the sample size we have. Kupp’s opportunity will also be limited by the other guys in that offense.

The fact is that while Zeke is on the field, there are only 2 maybe 3 other guys who can do what he can. Keep in mind that mildly improving your points in other positions does not overcome the loss of points downgrading from Zeke.

This looks like a classic throw a bunch of good players at the wall in hopes to get a great one. Keep the great player, they win leagues.


Can’t argue with those points - there’s always the hopeful optimism view when these types of trades come up that trading one elite guy for at least two potential top tier starters to round out a roster at every level and give you the rarely achieved ‘loaded roster’. I would gamble or trade if the price was right but as you and some of the guys above say for players of Zeke level it needs to be the kings ransom or an overpay from a desperate owner or not at all


How many flex spots do you start in this league?


2RB/WR flex, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, QB and K is the line up.


@fun4willis It’s tempting… Very. But I can’t take that bet. I’d be doing just to look smart, and really I think it’s a coin-toss at best. I like Zeke a lot this year. I also just like Cook. I think both will finish top 8. What makes this deal sweet to me isn’t that it’s Cook for Zeke; it’s that it’s Cook and two excellent young pieces for Zeke.


Who would be your flex starts with and without the trade?
That may help you decide