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3 Offers for Zeke


So without i’d have Crowder and CJA in the flex at the moment, until i see what the rest of my bench and rookies look like they’re the best as of right now.

With the trade i’d probably switch in Kupp or Michel for Crowder and see what happens but it gives me more to play with from offer 3. Offer 1 gives me Diggs in the flex and Crowell to compete with CJA, Crowder and co if i did offer 1. Diggs is a decent upgrade if he’s healthy all year but the rest are either unproven or so-so to be honest, it’s a good way to look at it


Interesting, if you could delay the trade until we get to see some pre-season games I think that would be very helpful. Also, if the other owner is resistant to waiting it says a lot about his confidence in the players he is giving up.

I have some interest in CJA this season. He may end up being an RB2, it is possible.


I think it’s the smart play to wait, I mean I know what I have in Zeke but getting Cook and Michel i could get two high end RB2s maybe one getting up to mid level RB1 numbers to pair with Guice and what I have I’d be stacked and not missing Zeke too much. If those guys end up low end RB2s or extreme boom/busy week to week guys it’ll be a huge loss for my team. I have faith in CJA as wel this year, I think he’ll have a decent enough role to be useful. That being said if I wait and Cook looks good and back to health and Michel gets a lot of the ball and looks to be involved a lot then If I was on the other side of the trade I’d probably call it off and keep two solid building blocks as apposed to getting one better one back


id do the third. maybe squeeze out a 4th or 5th next year too. dalvin cook is solid and is on a really good team.

I am a Texan and love the cowboys. However, I am unconvinced that they will be able to move the ball all that well and they cant stop many from scoring. I have some fear that zeke will lose some touches because of gameflow every week. i would likely accept that third trade offer because if offers depth and an upside player in cook.


@James89 just keep in mind that last year Gillislee was featured in preseason.

@aaron_m, Zeke catches those passes, I think this offense flows through him, not Prescott.


Agreed, to be honest as it’s a Pats RB I have reservations as you say even if he does feature. The Cook owner also owns Mike Thomas so I might see how high he is on Michel and if he he’d part with Thomas and Cook to start I’d be happier to gamble a bit on Cook.


@Guinness it totally flows through zeke. that doesn’t mean its going to be successful however. I hope they do well but I am betting against it.


I see your point, I just don’t see a reason to expect anything different from that offense than last year, which Zeke did amazing in.


I wouldnt do either of those unless option one throws in a 1st. We are talking about zeke. Last year I traded zeke for Winston, Melvin Gordon and Allen Robinson and I still regret it a little. Stick with zeke or reach for what you want not what ur offered


Blockquote[quote=“James89, post:26, topic:44907”]
Thomas and Cook to start I’d be happier to gamble a bit on Cook.

I would definitely make this trade pretty fast if they actually would be open to it.


100% it’s a bold offer, I wouldn’t push too much more if they were tempted by a two for one for Zeke. He’s not daft though so I’d be surprised if he accepted that, as his other main WR is Cooper he’d be badly exposed there