3 open spots for 12 team dynasty SF startup $50

Hey Footclan, we are looking for 3 managers for a dynasty superflex TE premium startup. $50 buy in, with the first two years paid up front through Leaguesafe. Platform is sleeper. We have an active group of people in our 2nd or 3rd year playing dynasty, looking for owners who love to trade.

30 roster spots, 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 3 flex, 1 te, 1 sf

Respond with your sleeper username if you are interested.


Hey Ronnie-

My wife and I were looking for a SF TE dynasty league just like this- we would each want our own teams. We are super competitive and I guarantee there wouldn’t be any collusion between us, as she loves seeing me lose. She is the reigning champ (and 3 time champ) of our re-draft league. I’m even fine if we needed to institute a no-trade clause between our two franchises or you all can just be more judicious with the veto if we were to make a trade. Let me know if you still have 2 spots and when you think the draft would be.


Sleeper username AWoodward20

I’m interested. My sleeper username is millermeares3. Is there a rulebook you can point me to? How are you handling things like trade vetos and draft order?

I’d be interested.

Sleeper username: searing

If there are still spots I am interested.

sleeper username: maximus1852

Hey! I know you have many replies already, but if you have any more spots, I’d love to join! Sleeper tag: alg434

If there is room, my son and I would like to join.
Sleeper id# vanswey

wheat147 i would like to join one.