3 Orphans Available (DYNASTY)

Hi everyone,

I run 2 dynasty leagues on Fleaflicker & am co-commish in an MFL league.

Unfortunately, our newer fleaflicker league (first rookie draft coming up) is experiencing the same thing that both elder leagues have, uncommitted guys bailing.

Fortunately, the 3 guys that bailed were somewhat expected to - as they were older, used to redraft, and year-round fantasy we figured was a lot for them to keep up with.

It’s a 12 team league, 30 man rosters. 1/2 PPR for RBs, FULL PPR for everyone else. We’ve got some bonuses for yardage milestone & big plays, and hold a lottery for our draft picks to discourage tanking.

In other words, we’re not your ‘run-of-the-mill’ dynasty league. If anyone is interested, please post or message me with your email or phone number & we’ll go from there! You’d have your pick of the 3 available squads, and I’d like to go over all of the league specifics to make sure it’s a good fit.

Edit: Buy-in is $100, payout is $800/300/100


I’m interested in one of the fleaflicker teams.

Also interested in one of the fleaflicker teams. Would love to see the rosters and get some more info about the league. gtwill@gmail.com

I am interested in one of your orphan team. Please reach out to me with more details. wyliedstevens@gmail.com

I’m definitely interested. Email me the details when you get a sec


Replied to everyone so far, thanks guys!

I’m interested if there is still an opening.


thanks for the email I would love to take on an orphan team. Would be great to see the rosters but I’m up for any. my email is adammartin704@hotmail.com



Would love to know more of the specifics. I understand the importance of finding good fits and have been looking for a dynasty league with more committed members year round.

Definitely interested if anything is still available .



I am interested, let me know. Jaygoforth@gmail.com

Interested send me an email


Filled, sorry guys!