3 Owners Needed for Orphaned Dynasty Teams

Hey Footclan,

So my friend is the commissioner of a FREE Dynasty league. I might have lost some people with that but I still you guys are cool anyway. It is a Half PPR, 2WR, 2Flex league with a 24 man total roster plus 2 IR spots.

The league is in its 3rd year and 3 of the owners have made it known that this is not for them. I am looking to help my friend and fill these spots. The 2021 ROOKIE draft has not happened yet so you will get to draft your own rookies this year. I will now go into a bit of detail on each of the teams you can choose to adopt. I am just giving the highlights, not entire rosters:

Team 1 - Herbert, wentz, and Ryan as startable QBS; not great at RB with Clyde, Sony michel, and rashad penny as the top 3, WR is pretty solid with Julio, Odell, marvin jones, corey davis, & Antonio Brown. TE is really only Ebron. BUT you have the 1st overall pick in each round of this years rookie draft. Not perfect but a good challenge to bring this team from last to greatness.

Team 2 - Unknowns at QB with Tua and Deshaun Watson. Kelce and Goedert as TE! Mclaurin, chark, A-Rob, and darius slayton all young speedy receivers. Plus larry fitz. RB is rough with James Robinson, Nyheim Hines and Ingram as highest on the team. BUT you can make things better with 3 extra picks in this years rookie draft where you have the 8th pick in each round(extra picks are 1.11, 3.11, and 4.05), plus an offer to trade for Derrick Henry from myself.

Team 3 - Easy pick up team. Josh Allen; the infinity stone frank gore. Montgomery, kenyan drake, joshua kelly, and tevin coleman which is so so. WR is stacked: Cole beasly, Michael Thomas, Adam thielen, Jerry Judy(who I want to trade for if ur willing), Tyler boyd, Branden Cooks, and miles boykin. Mark Andrews at tight end. You also have an extra 2nd round pick courtesy of me via a trade from last years rookie draft. otherwise the 3rd pick in each round.

Regardless of any resposes you may see please hit me up because someone may have backed out. Responses should include your sleeper ID. I hope to hear from my fellow footclan members


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I’ve never done a dynasty, so if that’s a dealbreaker that’s fine, but I’d be interested in team 1. Is the draft scheduled already? If I can make it I’m definitely down to adopt the team.

Sleeper ID: KyleCamelot

@eman920 Hey I would be interested in abopting team 2! Sleeper ID: jmagz94

Is team 2 still open

Check sleeper

Sent you a message on sleeper

I have someone on the line will ready asked about teen queue but I have not gotten a response on sleeper yet. Let me know your sleeper ID and we can chat more there and see if the team is available otherwise would you be interested in Team 3 at all or no

Novac141 What was team 3

I will take team 3 if 2 is taken

I’m interested. If there’s still one open

I’m interested if there is still a team. Would prefer team 3 or 2. Sleeper name is DyslexicMunk

I would be interested in team 2…never done fantasy, but I am committed

I am up for the team 1 challenge if it was not taken. sleeper: dchira20

I’ll take one if any are still open.

sleeper id is: cleaver596

Hey everyone. I appreciate all the responses I have gotten to this post. This is why the footclan is the best group of people around.
BUT, The spots have been filled and the leagues are no longer looking for new members. If anything changes you bet I will come right back to those who reached out. Good luck to those still looking for more league spots.


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