3 Pending QB's for RB offers

QBs: McCown and Winston
RBs: Zeke, Morris, R Smith, Kamara, Hyde, Abdullah, Lewis, and Woodhead
WRs: Julio, Evans, Dez
TE: Hunter
K: Greg the Leg

My team is above. QB injuries have hurt me and i need an upgrade as my current QBs are McCown and Winston. Nothing on waivers other than Keenum, Savage, Gabbert, and Bortles (yuck). I have plenty of RB depth. The trades that were offered to me are:

  1. Woodhead for Big Ben
  2. Mariota for Abdullah or Lewis
  3. Rivers for Abdullah or Lewis

Which Trade should I accept? (I also offered McCown and Abdullah for Brees but haven’t heard back yet)

Thanks !!!