3 picks in my fantasy rookie draft Help!

Hello, in my dynasty league. In this years roomie draft I have the 1.02, 1.03 and 1.06. Loaded up a picks this year lol. Anyways, I am really debating on what to do, who to take. I will be taking rb’s with the 1.3 and 1.2. But with the 1.6 not sure if u should take another back or a wr. I don’t have a big need in rbs. I have Hunt, miller and mack.(2 starting rbs and 2 other flex positions) not sure if I should go with another back at 1.6 or maybe a wr but not a big need there either. I have Odell, theilen, Robbie Anderson. I also only have 1 qb in Derek carr but it is a 2 qb league(was looking to draft a qb in second round)

I’m a big fan of DJ Moore with the Panthers. He’s the main guy there. If he isn’t available, I would take another RB and hope they break out so that you can trade someone next year. This team seems to be rebuilding so that’s why i say that.

I would take Guice at the 1.02, Ronald Jones or Penny at the 1.03, and then the other rb of the two at 1.06

I have the 1.06 in a draft and I am trying to trade back where i can still get a freeman or johnson at rb and then one of the middle wrs, or more.

Honestly I would look at Ridley. Great situation with the Falcons since Julio garners most of the attention. Ridley may take a while to get going and might not even jump Sanu on the depth chart for a while. But I think he’s got the best situation.

I draft Guice and Jones with the 1.02 and 1.03. Then, with the 1.06, target a WR heavy team who needs a RB; most leagues have at least one lopsided team. Trade the 1.06 for a good/young WR.
I’d target: Allen Robinson, T. Hill, D. Adams, or maybe Diggs or Cooper.

Odds are you have a team with a lot of WRs and no RBs. If that team as one of the above guys, I’d trade the 1.06 for the WR of your choice. The other team should do it so he/she can get a rookie RB at the 1.06

1.02 and 1.03 are easy, you have 3 great RBs to choose from so you cant go wrong with a combo of guice, rojo, or penny. the 1.06 is also pretty easy. take a WR. go after someone like sutton or moore. sutton will be the WR1 on the broncos after a year (probably) and moore IS the 1.

Im not convinced RoJo will be good with the Bucs. Horrible Oline and thats trouble for a tiny guy like him. Im drafting Guice and Penny all day. 1.06 is interesting. I like the idea of maybe trading back and maybe getting freeman, Johnson, possibly even Sutton (at least one of their receivers wont be there next year) or Gallup.

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Panthers fan here. I don’t think Moore is necessarily the 1, especially immediately, and even if he is, I’d be very surprised if he got anything approaching typical WR1 targets, considering the relative low volume of the passing game and large target shares likey going to the RB and TE. I’m a little worried this a better real like match than fantasy match.

As for Sutton, I’m not even all that sure he’s the best WR they drafted this year, and it’s not guarantee that both Sanders and Thomas are gone after this year (though the contracts suggest at least one will be).

I think WR is a lot murkier this year than you guys seem to.

I also agree with @ty_nagy about Rojo. I think taking him in the top 3 is dubious, at best. I don’t think he’s a top 3 (or top 5 for that matter) RB talent in this class, I don’t think it’s as much of a lock that he gets the whole workload as many seem to, and I don’t know that the Bucs have done much to suggest their line will be any closer to competent this year. Plus an RB his size with no receiving back ground makes me very nervous.

I think trading back from 6 is the move too

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there are a lot of arguments for a lot of players. i mean im not sold on penny, he has his issues, landing spot being one of them. not the best pass protector which is something they need so that would limit him to mostly 1st and second down.

guice has his issues, character issues on a team that has already shown they dont take shit at the RB spot.

and there are positives for rojo just like the other 2. 1 being that their o line was in transition las year with a newly converted center. and they picked up cappa, a nasty run blocker who should help right away. so i think all three are in consideration for top 5, and in this case, top 3 picks. to be clear though, i would go guice and penny too. im just saying you shouldnt brush rojo off like he has nothing going for him.

as for the WRs, yeah it is murkier, but only because the talent is all so close. its filled with a bunch of WR2s with WR1 potential. so trading back isnt a bad idea at all. i just love sutton and where he landed, and moore isnt exactly a slouch so i expect him to be their 1, because really who else is going to take it from him? sure, mccaffery and olson will take targets away. but you can say that about anyone these days. RBs and TEs take away targets now.

in the end its about finding players you believe in, and matching that with good landing spots. i know, you hate that but fitting into a system is just as important as talent, if not way more.

No reason not to take best player available and get qbs later, either in draft or trade. Personally I wouldn’t consider a wr until freeman, penny, maybe Jones are off the board, so end of the 1st round.

Then again, maybe you can trade down and get 2 quality qbs, which seems to be your big need.

I actually also think Funchess is actually pretty good.

Trust me, I really hope Moore is the second coming of Steve Smith, and actually don’t even have much of an issue with him being the first WR off the board, but I just want to tap the breaks on “he IS the number one”.

thats fair, i guess that was a bit forward saying he IS locked and loaded their 1. anything can happen, and i do like funchess. i just see him as your ideal 2, and should stay that way. i mean curtis samuel could emerge as some great talent cause he put in some crazy off season work, i just dont see that happening. i guess my point is from this WR group, he has the best chance to be the 1 right away. i think thats a much more fair way of putting it.

That I agree with. Kinda think it’s a bunch of WR2-3s though tbh.

Edit: NFL WR2-3, which makes fantasy prospects really hard to gauge.

Trade the 1.6 for a QB

Which one?

I’m not sure how your league values RB’s. But in my league they are worth gold. If that were to be the case, I’d go with rb’s all three and try to get better value in a trade.

If not, then I would pick Guice, Penny and Moore. However if Sony falls to 1.06 I’d pick him. I believe he will turn out to be the second best RB long term.