3 Player Keeper League

In a 3 person keeper league. I’m keeping Lamar Jackson for a 6th round pick, my final 2 spots are undecided.

  • Tyreek Hill for a 1st
  • Chris Godwin for a 2nd
  • or Ronald Jones for a 11th
    Who are you keeping?

What pick do you have?

Not sure yet. 80% chance to be top 5 pick, were utilizing the NBA lottery odds.

And you don’t get to know your pick before deciding keepers?

Do you have any other players you would consider a keeper? Tyreek and Godwin would be kept at their ADP so you’re getting no value there. If you don’t keep either of them I’m sure you would still have the opportunity to draft them.

Sadly all those players are either at or earlier than where they will go, except tonal Jones. I’m just worried about him. I’d go the other 2 studs knowing you aren’t getting great value but are starting with 3 gray players

Depending on what pick you end up with, and knowing that other studs will most likely be keepers, Godwin could be a value. Ballers have him 19 in .5 PPR and 20 in Full PPR so if you have a early 1st pick then Godwin for a late 2nd would be good. Hill is 17 in .5 and 22 in full so may not get value there, unless a ton of studs are keepers.

But then again, if you’re on the 1/2 turn and don’t want to gamble on what could be there, if you really like Godwin and Hill, then not the worst since the turn kinda have to just go with who you want.

nope keepers need to be selected prior to the lottery selection.