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3 Player Trade Featuring McCoy, Cooks and Murray


There is a trade where I can get McCoy, D. Parker and Edelman for Murray, Cooks and Snead. I see this as an upgrade in RB but a downgrade in WR.

It is a 1pt ppr league. I also have David Johnson due to keeper rules. Thoughts?


I’d take it. Parker and Edelman have a chance to go big every week.


How do you feel about volatility at the WR position? Having shady and DJ could turn out to be two of the top 3 RBs and having a guy like Edelman who has a high floor in PPR could be a good stabilizing player to compliment with a volatile guy like Parker.

Not sure what other receivers are available when your draft rolls around, but having a base of DJ and shady is hard to argue with


I would take it


I would absolutely take this.


I don’t think I would take it. McCoy isn’t that big of an upgrade over Murray and I have Cooks over Edelman and Snead over Parker.


Easy call. Take it and run.


you are smoking rocks if you think Shady isn’t that big of an upgrade over Latavius.

Do the trade @Dluck


I was assuming it is Demarco Murray, not Latavius Murray. If it’s Latavius Murray, then absolutely


I don’t see where it says Latavius at all…


I assumed that as well. If it’s Demarco, this is a lot murkier.


I’m assuming its Demarco but I wouldn’t do the trade. Murray and McCoy are close in my opinion. Buff will be awful this year and I dont think they will be able to move the ball much at all. Cooks is boom bust same as Parker, though he does have a higher upside. Edelman is very safe with a solid floor. Snead is solid if not unspectacular. I just think it’s a wash in the end. Now if you just love McCoy then by all means do it.


McCoy vs Demarco is an interesting case study. Demarco has real competition for touches, but plays in a much better offense behind a great line. Shady is a lock to be the focal point of the offense every weak, but doesn’t have the same infrastructure. One thing shady has going for him is Taylor, who has been a bigger running threat to this point than has Mariota. Dual threat QBs often help their RBs out significantly. This is why I said it gets murkier if it’s Demarco. I’d still do it. I believe in Shady, and I actually think you get the better paid of WRs as well (I think Parker will be less volatile than Cooks, due to Cutlets penchant for force feeding his #1). It’s really, really close though.