3 Player Trade would you do it? Need to Accept or Decline Today!

I would be giving up David Johnson, Emmanual Sanders, Corey Clement
I would receive Kamara, Demarious Thomas, Jordon Howard

1/2 ppr

I may be crazy, but I kinda prefer the Johnson, Sanders, Howard side. And I’ll break it down as follows:

Kamara > Johnson – But Johnson still has stud potential. Plus he owns that backfield. So the margin isn’t HUGE between the 2.

Sanders > Thomas – He seems to be the preferred target between the 2 and gets more yardage.

Clement > Howard – Howard just hasn’t taken off this year for some reason. Poor fit in the offense maybe? Again, margin not big between the 2, but I still prefer Clement, who should be the Eagles’ RB1 going forward.

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Very valid point, I am on the fence with this one. It first was a RB trade we were working but now he threw in Sanders which has made it very difficult for me to make the jump.

As low as Jordan Howards value has dropped the last 3 weeks, You still have to believe he will turn it around. The man has finished as an RB1 the last couple years. Sproles coming back is also going to muddle that backfield a lot. I would rather have Howard even though I have a rooting interest for Clement to do good as he is on one of my teams.

Sanders for DT - This is definitely the toughest part. If you have 2 guys ahead of Sanders, I would pull the trigger. If he is your 2 or 3, I would see if you could get him to swap out DT with another receiver on the WR2/3 fringe.

Exactly, that is how I feel right now. Sanders is my #2 I have John Brown as my bench WR. Unfortunately DT is his #2, he also has Etrz I am going to put some feelers out there and see if I added Jordon Reed in order to snag Ertz then I feel like I would be able to manage the deficiency I will have at WR.

I think you could survive with DT and John Brown. I think you definitely see if he will do the Ertz and Reed swap and even if he doesnt. I would still do the trade and then just keep your eyes on the waivers for a WR who might get hot.

Just did it he accepted the Ertz bump.
David Johnson, Clement, Sanders, Reed for Kamara, Howard, Thomas, Etrz

I appreciate you taking the time to comment on here!

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Thanks for taking the time to help out on the trade.

Great job getting Ertz thrown in!

Things just got more interesting, apparently I have sparked more trade interest. I have James Conner and Lev Bell, someone wants to give me Cooper Kupp for James Conner. Kupp is injured but he could be my #2 and who knows what will happen with the Conner Bell situation. Any thoughts on making that trade as well?

Although not ideal, You could suck it up with Howard until Bell gets back and Kupp becoming your WR2 would be a HUGE boost.


I would take kupp for conner… conner may not even be fantasy relevant after the next couple of weeks.

And as for the first trade, i wasnt sold on the dj/sanders/clement trade away, but with ertz you just got way better value and finessed that trade. Nice work brother

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