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3 players looking for ESPN keeper league


Hey all, looking for 3 spots in an espn keeper league, hit me up below or email jbridge88@hotmail.com


I sent you an invite to the ballers preferred keeper league. send me the other peoples emails and I can invite them too.




Is it free or paid?


Free. That ok with you?


Invitations to all three of you were sent.


Yeah free is cool, I haven’t got the invite yet but just messaged you.


I resent it just now. Check your email and let me know


Got it now, two of us are in the other is having technical difficulties


Ok let me know if he needs another invite


All good, sorted it out!

Rough draft time/date?


I posted a poll in league for people to select a time. Date will likely be a Saturday at end of august


Hey man, can you and your friends try and keep the team names relatively clean. No need honestly. thanks


Yeah no problem, we can change them.

Which ones do you want different?


All of them, but especially the slutes and vagina ones. Like some people find it offensive so just use a different team name thanks for the cooperation and don’t forget to vote in the poll


Did you remove us from the league?

We are from Australia so playing from a different timeZone, woke up this morning to change names and there’s no longer a team there…???


Due to my friends joining only had one slot available and assumed you’d want to play with your friends.


Thanks for at least asking… learn some common curtesy…