3 Players Returning from Injury You Can Trust in Fantasy Football Drafts

Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/3-players-returning-from-injury-you-can-trust-in-fantasy-football-drafts/

You’re on the clock, and you’re wondering, “Should I draft Player X? He’s coming off that ACL injury, and I’m not sure he’ll stay healthy this year. Player Y looked good two years ago, but he missed all last season with a hamstring injury. Will he stay healthy in 2019?” Trying to answer these questions…

I really liked this article and am just wondering how you feel about Emmanuel Sanders recovering from his Achilles Injury, going back to form and Cooper Cupp with the ACL. Do you think either of these players performance will be affected because of their prior injuries?

What is your View on Dalvin Cook?

I drafted Cam and then chose not to fill out my roster and drafted Josh Allen instead of a kicker just in case news breaks before game 1 about Cam not being available. Otherwise I’m dropping Allen and Cam will be my guy.