[3 Spots LEFT] 84-Team Dynasty Startup

College Football Championships

Don’t miss out on the best dynasty league of 2020

NFL Dynasty Startup league with NCAA Football “THEMED” teams and conferences.

84-Teams broken down into 7 conferences of 12 teams each. (ACC…Big12…Big10…SEC…etc.)

SuperFlex, Best Ball Scoring, Staggered PPR Positional Scoring, Auction Styled Draft

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App St. Duke and Navy all filled last night. 18 spots to go!

We are down to 17 spots remaining as of this morning!

Down to 15 remaining spots in this league.! Jump in!

Down to 14 teams remaining! Follow the link in the original post! Would love to have as many footballers as we can in this!

Would me and a buddy be able to co own a team? Also on your by laws you have one spot saying it’s $30 and the other says $35. Which one is it? I might be interested

Absolutely! The buy in is $35

ACC…Big12…Big10…FILLED! 14 spots left!

ACC, Big12, SEC, Big10 Filled. 11 spots to go. Join the Pac-12, MWC or Independents today!

Who is left on the PAC-12?

Also is the rookie draft regular picking or is it an auction nominating?

Wash St. Oregon St. Utah, Arizona, UCLA.

Rookie is Auction as well.

Colorado, Marshall and Washington all just went off the board! Still a handful of spots remaining!

Southern Miss, UCLA and SDSU selected this morning. 9 spots available.
Don’t miss out on this league!

3 Spots Remaining.