3 TEs, what to do. Ertz via Trade, Brate and D.Njoku

I acquired Ertz through a trade in the same wk. I picked up Brate with FAAB, Njoku I drafted.
didn’t think i would get both.
Now i sit with 3 TEs reluctant to drop Njoku.
Hoping Brate has a big week this week. Would you drop Njoku and spend FAAB on someone like Clement.
Holding on to 3 is not something I normally do but I feel I would be selling low on both. i reckon i can win this week by keeping all 3. Guy i’m playing, his only TE is on a bye. B.Watson
Win this wk and then try and pull off a trade with some guys hurting at TE
my question is it wrong to hold on to both brate and njoku. GIve them 2 wks and they become viable trade options in my opinion