3 Top TE's in a 2 FLEX League 1 pt PPR

I own Ertz, Engram, and Graham and I am starting all 3 of them currently. Just curious how much you guys would give away to get Engram or Graham if you were in my league and needed a TE upgrade (say you own Jared cook or oj howard type of TE at the moment). I would aim to get a real RB1 or high end RB2 in return for Engram or Graham + someone else. I am debating how long to wait before I deal these TE’s, basically. And how low I should go at RB in exchange. These TE’s are good FLEX plays right now in this deep league, and could become a lot more valuable as low end TE hype dies down in a few weeks (after a few 0 reception games).

Or am I overestimating the value people assign to a TE upgrade? I feel like I have 3 of the top 5 TE’s who all have WR2 or even very low end WR1 type of potential if they have excellent seasons. Can I figure out a way to get a Hunt RB-type in exchange for say Graham+Devonta Freeman?

Or what about Engram and a decent WR/RB for Tevin Coleman? Or Engram and Minnesota defense for Coleman? Would that be scoffed at? The team doesn’t need Coleman but it’s starting Ian Thomas at TE and streams Defense. Basically streams both positions.