3 Trade Evaluations

I’m trying to strengthen my team for the playoffs push. I’m currently 3rd in my league.

  1. Doug Martin + 3rd Round pick for Leonard Fournette + 12th Round Pick
  2. T.Y. Hilton for Mike Evans
  3. DeAndre Hopkins + 9th Round Pick for Amari Cooper + 10th Round Pick
  1. Hold martin and wait for better game when you can get a better price but that’s not an awful deal
  2. I’d do this to get Evans
  3. Tbh I’m not sure about this. Hopkins can do something I’d prob prefer him than a game wrecker in copper if he bombs out. But if you need an upside guy then he’s a great shout with a playoff match up which looks good

Josh couldn’t have said it any better lol. My only comment is… I agree with everything.

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Our deadline is Saturday so I had to make any moves now.

My thought with Hopkins is that the upcoming schedule is brutal, especially with Watson out.

I agree hopkins is a trade but if aim higher than Cooper especially as you’re giving up a higher pick for him. He’s still a top quality wr and getting targets. Cooper is not getting targets and has had 2 above 10 games in 9. The chances of him doing it 3 games in a row at playoffs are unlikely.
Maybe put martin and hopkins together for Fournette and pick up a wr downgrade like juju Sheppard or Anderson. Someone on that level. Plus whatever round pick gets it done for him

own hopkins

I would do the first two in a heartbeat. #3 I would not.