3 Trade Options for Melvin Gordon

4-2 and in 2nd place, but with Kupp going down I am trying to cash-in on Gordon’s hot week

Option 1: Mahomes/Gordon for Cam Newton, David Johnson, AJ Green (may try to ask him to include OJ Howard)

Option 2: Gordon for CMC / Demaryius Thomas

Option 3 (Not confirmed, but working it): Gordon for Keenan Allen and Emannuel Sanders (really trying to get Kelce in this instead of Allen, but he may not budge)

Option 4: Sit Tight and roll with the roster as is and scrape the waiver each week.

Qb: Mahomes
Rb: Melvin G., Alex Collins, Dion Lewis, Sony Michel
WR: Michael Thomas, Landry, Kupp, Enunwa, Godwin, John Brown
Te: Burton

Option 1 is the only mildly interesting one. But I hold Gordon because the only other good back you have looks like Michel (Maybe Collins will put it together but we will see). I mean maybe DJ will turn it around but still unsure about that offense.

Option 2: Trash. CMC is good but I want nothing to do with DT ever.

Option 3: I want Gordon over KA/Sanders or Kelce.

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I don’t think you can trade Gordon for anything not including a RB, given your current RB situation. That’s just my 2 cents, but it’ll be extremely tough for any other player outside the other 3-4 workhorses in the league to replicate his production. I’m one that’s just waiting for an average performance from him to try and trade for him

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I wouldn do any of those. Gordon is the #2 player on the year on a great offense.

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I wouldnt do any of those trades. Gordon has produced every single week averaging around 20 points. I wouldnt trade him unless you get a offer that blows you away. He is gold right now

All of those trade offers are not really worth it. Would just stick to what you have.

Your roster looks pretty solid and expecting landry to bounce back these next couple weeks.

I would 100% go ahead and drop Enunwa though and grab someone off wires. If Ito is there, he would be my top add.