3 Way trade. Need help! 12 team PPR

My current roster is:
Russ Wilson
Ryan Tannehill


D Johnson
Corey Davis

Trade would be Russ Wilson for Elijah Mitchell

Then trade Mixon and Johnson for Brady and terry mclaurin

Thoughts? Would this make my team better or worse?

Does the Brady owner have another QB on the roster that you can go after? Brady is #1 QB now but you would be giving up your RB 1 for him to upgrade over your current QBs, leaving you weak at RB, even with Elijah

He has Hurts but either way at is looking for Mixon. You think I should decline?

I’d hold on to Mixon and play matchups. He is your only clear #1 RB and Mitchell might be only a starter for a couple of weeks. If you could trade Edmonds and Tannehill for Hurts then I might do that.

BTW, Mixon and Montgomery have same bye (Week 10)