3 WR .5 PPR League Help

I need to start 3 WR and flex 1 WR or TE

D. Thomas
S. Shepard
M. Goodwin
S. Roberts.
H. Henry (Ertz is my TE 1)

Green is the safest, but who would you start for the next two WR spots and 1 flex spot?

I’d stick with your studs…

Green- going against PIT, who has really been over hyped as of late.
Shepard- If he plays, this is the only WR that can get separation in that offense and it’s not even close.
D. Thomas- MIA is god awful… Siemian targets his top guys a lot, and Sanders is banged up

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Thanks. That leaves Goodwin, Roberts or Henry to flex. I’m leaning Roberts as the #1 with Carr but the other two are tempting as well.

Ops, sorry forgot to answer flex.

Henry is high risk/high reward
Roberts is a safer play