3 wr/+flex, ppr

A. Cooper vs ARZ
R. Anderson vs CHI
C. Beasley vs KC
M. Hardmon vs BUF
L. Shenault vs DET
P. Williams vs NYJ
G. Ward vs BAL

who eats?

Cooper anderson shernault and the dart throw of a big play in hardman for me

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those seem like the obvious ones; but thats what scares me.

who knows what DAL looks like without Dak. Im a Red Rifle fan. Loved him in college, and he has the ability. But theres no true sample size yet of him this offense.

Fitz has been on fire and the JETS are disgusting. Williams might have another great game

I think BAL may just embarrass PHL which could lend itself to them going Air raid and peppering Ward

Beasley has been great but thats while getting Diggs familiar, and a less than healthy John Brown. Diggs is fitting in and I think JB plays this week. Its PPR and Beasleys been getting me points…albeit from my bench :unamused:

Am i overthinking this? I just seem to get burn when i just go with whats expected. Especially in flux situations. worried bro. Dak was like 60% of my team

Im definitely fitting Mecole in somewhere. He always steps into a prominent role when “Sammy Squat-kins” inevitably goes down. BUF DEF is some of the most godawful, nasty defense ive seen in awhile, especially on the (off) right side. Did you see their last game vs TEN??? omg it was gross. That slot, and those post routes are there for Mecole to eat heavy

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: