3 wr league

So I’m in a 3 wr league with a flex
2 rb
I draft 10 out of 12
I feel the importance on wr is extremely important. Would I be crazy to draft 3 or 4 wr in a row to start draft. Or throw te in there as well?

It’s crazy but possible. I did that last year but got extremely fortunate and got Shady in the 4th (10 team league) and Latavius Murray in the 5th. Another guy did the same and got DeMarco Murray and Frank Gore. So it can be done. But I wouldn’t recommend it just because your league starts 3 wr.

Yea. If I were to go 2-3 in a row I’m looking at Calvin cook, Blount. One round after that and Doug Martin is sitting their. I just noticed that the guy who won last year went hard in the paint on wr early on. The 10th pick is tough but there are good running backs available like Murray with the second pick.
So I’m assuming you would go wr rb wr wr? It’s just putting a wr in the flex is likely in this format. So I need 4

I try not to go into the draft with a specific strategy like that. Let’s say you’re looking to go WR heavy early but for some reason people pass on Lesean McCoy or Devonte Freeman and they’re sitting there for you at 10. Do you pass on their great value to grab someone like Michael Thomas there? Totally up to you but I’ve seen people do some unorthodox moves in a draft and I’m left with a choice that’s too good to pass up. Just some words of advice.

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Yea I get that. But the top 10 for the most part would go in order. And at 10 wr are an green, m Thomas and jordy Nelson. I could make the case for green and Nelson over freeman. It’s kinda apples and oranges. This league I’m in is super competitive. People know there stuff. So boneheaded reaches are kind of out. Last year I tried more of an even approach but got torched by heavy wr teams.

First three rounds are take your safe productive picks. That’s the only rule I go into a draft with. Make the first three rounds highly productive and safe, and you will win more than you will lose.

I agree 1000%. I take what the draft gives me. It’s worked so far. I’ve been in the championship game 5 of the last 7 teams I’ve managed.

no its not crazy but dont pass up on RB value when its there. Im personally not a fan of drafting TE’s early strictly because you only start 1 and there are plenty of late round TE’s you can stream. I really like Doyle this year, especially with the new eric swoope news.

If it’s PPR then WR will be more valuable but i agree with going with the best available player whether it be RB, WR or TE. Don’t pass up talent just to go WR in the first 3 rounds because those are the most important picks.