3 WRs pick 2 this week

14 team league, 0.5ppr. Which 2 WRs would you pick between these 3?

Brown (@Bal)
Kirk (@Sea)
Moore (Det)

It’s hard to not go with Kirk against Seattle. Assuming Teddy is out it’s definitely Kirk and Brown for me. If Teddy is available I think I still go Kirk and Brown but it’s total hunch.

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I agree with that, just needed reassurance since Kirk can be boom or bust but it’s Seattle. And of course I benched DJ Moore last week. I have Murray as well so always fun rooting for a stack. If Carson is out I’ll have to start all 3 anyways but thanks for your input :ok_hand:

I don’t know if I agree. I guess it depends on the Carolina backup QB’s play style. Teddy is honestly the biggest thing hindering Moore. Most weeks, Teddy wants to look for Anderson first, and then if he’s not open, his next read is the RB or Samuel on a dump off. When he actually does look Moore’s way, Moore makes the most of it. But it’s like he’s always Teddy’s last read. I’m wondering if a QB change might actually help Moore…