$30-35 Sleeper 12 Team Full PPR Redraft Needs 3 to 4 New Managers

Hello all!

Started a fun league from the forums a couple years ago. We’ve got some good people. We have had some turnover each year. We are looking for 3 to 4 teams. This is a “standard” full PPR league with the exception of double flex, no kicker, and Defense.

The last 2 years have been fun and competitive. There is potential to make this a keeper league in the future.

Right now we are voting on the money. It’s leaning towards $35 ($25 for the previous 2 seasons). Hit me up if you are interested.


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If not filled I’d be interested

How many people in league? If it’s 12 I’m down!
@Jaques1017 in sleeper

still looking for 2

If not filled I’m interested @bigred1580 on sleeper