$30 buy in 0.5 PPR 2 flex Redraft League 1 spot left

Hi my friends and I are starting a 0.5 ppr 2 flex 12 team league on sleeper with a $30 buy in

Payout structure is:
1st place will win $180
2nd place wins $90
3rd place wins $45
In season high point scorer wins $45

We have set the draft date for September 4th 11am PST

About us, we are all friends from college or through work and a majority of us have multiple years of fantasy football experience. This is our leagues second year and our 12 dropped out because he is having a kid. We are primarily on the west coast but have one guy playing from the east coast and another chiming in from Sweden.

We have 1 spot left let me know if you would like to join!

I’m interested!

Interested as well. Sleeper @cminckler

Hey if you are still looking for a 12th person I’d love to join, I’m on the west coast (Seattle) and been playing for about 8 years. Never done 2 flex and sounds like fun!

My name on Sleeper is @LegionOfThuum