$30 Dynasty 1 QB 1/2 PPR with a bit of a twist. Leaguesafe & Sleeper

Hey Footclan,

I’m setting up a Dynasty league on sleeper with the above settings. There’s a bit of a twist. The dynasty will run as any other dynasty league would. Regular season week 1-15 playoffs 15-17. Winner gets a cash prize etc. etc.

Last season I set up 4 dynasty leagues and created an overall tournament myself. Regular season champs qualified and then they played out a bracket for a bigger cash prize. Worked a treat! so this year I’m looking to expand, currently i’m looking for players for league 8 so get in contact if you are interested in joining and i’ll send you the league doc.

Email: supermegaultimateleague@gmail.com
Twitter: @DanDanFFMan

There’s also a podcast for the league : Podspace | Super bowl Preview Show