$30 Sleeper Redraft, 0.5 PPR, 12-14 teams

Hey - trying to start a long-term $30 redraft on Sleeper. I can make it a 2-3 Keeper league with enough interest. Active owners only please!

League settings:

  • 0.5 PPR
  • 12-14 teams (no divisions, 6-team playoffs weeks 14-16)
  • $100 FAAB waivers (+ $0 bids)
  • Usual scoring settings (4pt/pass td, no bonuses)
  • Leaguesafe Majority Vote payouts (top 2 get paid, 3rd gets $ back)

Roster settings:

  • 1 QB
    2 RB
    2 WR
    1 TE
    2 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
    6 Bench
    2 IR (COVID19 eligible)
    No K or D/ST

Draft settings (subject to change if we make it a Keeper league):

  • standard snake draft (randomized order via Sleeper app)
  • 60 seconds/draft pick
  • drafting sometime next weekend (as voted by owners)

Other settings & COVID19 stipulations:

  • Trades will be approved by the Commissioner (me) as soon as I’m made aware. I won’t veto trades unless obvious collusion is suspected. If other owners suspect collusion, they can raise the concern and I will investigate and act accordingly. (I’ve commissioned leagues for almost a decade and only vetoed two trades ever which were obviously unfair.)

  • Owners eliminated from playoff contention are still expected to set reasonable lineups. Any throwing/inactivity will result in that owner not being invited back the following season.

  • 8 game minimum for a valid season. If there are less than 8 games played, all owners will get their money back. If the season is 8-13 games, there will be no playoffs, and $ will be paid out according to standings (tiebreaker = points for). If there are 14-16 games, we will have playoffs (top 2 teams for 14 games, top 4 for 15 games, top 6 for 16 games).

If you’re interested, let me know just a little bit about you and I’ll send you a Sleeper invite. I’ve got 7 already.


Hey I would like to join if a spot is open! email: grossi16n@hotmail.com

Hey - we actually just filled (sry!) If someone drops ill let you know. Still got a bunch of spots on this massive 24 team dynasty im trying to start if you’re interested in something different

oh no worries man! let me know! Im mainly re draft kinda guy

I’m interested in your 24 team one. Aeliz92@yahoo.com

Filled last night but ill let you know if we get an opening (if someone can’t pay today)