32 Shamelessly Bold Predictions for the 2018 Fantasy Football Season

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When we turn the calendar to August, it’s time to take all the off-season chatter and the podcast banter towards finalizing our opinions on the players we feel deep in our gut. Every year I set out to make a number of bold calls that stir the pot, confirm what I see on film, and…

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We saw the predictions from last year that came true in the article, but what predictions didn’t come to fruition?

there were more wrong than right I think…but that is why it is BOLD predictions…they are supposed to be high risk high reward predictions.

As a Chiefs fan, I agree that Watkins will more than likely have a better year than Hill. That being said, you mentioned that you think that it will probably be the end to Hill’s insane long TD runs. I don’t know if I am ready to say it’s the end to Hills insane TD runs. With the presence of Watkins and the already established skill guys, in Kelce and Hunt, it should give Hill more single coverage. With no one over the top he can still blow by every player in the league. I think he can at least get similar 20+ yard TD receptions as he did last year with Mahomes willingness to throw downfield.

I love that every year Andy posts this I get really excited until I reach a player I’ve already drafted and then I immediately jump head-first into the 14 foot pool that is my bias and say what does he know.

Great article. I look forward to it every year. 364 days till the next one.

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I read a few articles that highlighted that Mahomes has been locked on Hill and ignoring Watkins… but the article above references the opposite. Where can I find said news?

All reports out of camp, yes, are staying Hill seems to be the go-to right now. That being said, it’s week one of the preseason. Hill had time last year in practice to connect with Mahomes so it’s not surprising. While I love me some Tyreek, I think Watkins is a better pure receiver than Hill. As Andy would say, the cream rises to the top, and I think Watkins has a better fantasy year.

Watkins was the third best receiver on a Rams team behind Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods, I think Watkins is a fine player but he’s not in Hills class as a receiver in my opinion.

Love the Jets take. They seem to have a way of being one of the projected worst teams in the NFL and constantly out perform their 2-14 projection by a good margin. Very frustrating as a Jets fan to see them constantly be bad but winning games somehow, putting them out of contention for a lotto pick in the draft, and further more leaving them stuck in a rut of sub par mediocrity. UGH!

“Faster than you can say Brandon Lloyd” :rofl:

But I agree 100% on that take. Those first 4 weeks Dorsett will be a stud. Chris Hogan, though great, will always be Brady’s WR2. As long as Edelman’s out and Dorsett is healthy, I think he’ll give Dorsett the looks he would otherwise give to Edelman. IF you can throw a late round pick on Dorsett, or even snag him in week 1 waivers if this proves true, he would be a great sell high candidate.

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As a Patriots fan out here in New England land, I can tell you we just want SOMEONE to be Brady’s favorite. Right now we’re not feeling great about this receiving corps (aside from Gronk of course)

As much as I hate Tom Brady, I don’t think it matter who his WRs are. As long as they are semi competent, Brady has a way of making it work. He’s THAT good.

Tom Brady’s fantasy production is front loaded; take a look at the game logs over the last 3 or 4 years. He wasn’t a QB 1 for much of the playoffs, making him a risk in general. Add to that he doesn’t have a very good receiving corps sans Edelman, and he’s 41 years old, and he’s a prime regression candidate. What Brady IS, is an elite real world passer, but he’s not the fantasy elite that the guys around him are.

  • signed Pats fan.
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Hard to predict Brandin Cooks will dominate, as well as have him on your bust list…

outvoted by the other two guys on that one. but i’m a dissenting vote.

It’s so hard to forgive a poor performance season! I had him last year and got burned, so I’m too scared to try again. :frowning: