32 team DYNASTY STARTUP, 1 player pool, $100 buy in to cover 3 seasons, league safe

32 team dynasty startup, $100 buy in to cover your first 3 seasons, $25/year for year 1-2 and $50 for year 3, league safe with majority approval, sleeper app

Want a deep league that’s still somewhat simple? 32 teams, 13 roster spots, 1 player pool. Trades, waivers, games, tournaments include all 32 teams. No seperate player pools that restrict drafts or trades. This league will be deep. It’ll take a lot of knowledge and timely trades to be the best in league. Do you have what it takes to beat out 31 others and be the ultimate champion.

Team design - 1 SF, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2 flex

After the first season the league will be broken up into 4 divisions. Still under 1 player pool for all 32 teams, you will compete for your leagues championship. If you finish near the top you move up a to the next division next season where you will get higher pay outs for doing well with the same buy in. If you finish near the bottom you could be vulnerable to relegation and move down a division. This is promotion and relegation, similar to how some soccer leagues work in Europe.

Running simultaneously with the regular season there will be 3 in season tournaments. If you are winning a lot, most weeks you’ll be playing 2 teams at once and have a shot at being a 4x champion in 1 season with 4 seperate chances at a payout.

Full rule book is available. A lot of the league concepts are more complicated than what I can add to a post and are fully explained in the rule book. If you’d like to join or want to look through the rule book message me with your email and I’ll forward it over to you.