32 Team Dynasty Startup ($15) (Half Point)

I’m looking to start a 32 team dynasty league that mirrors the actual NFL teams and setup. There are duplicate players so 2 of every player. It’s almost like 2 16 team leagues. I’m hoping to get 31 owners that will be committed to the league and won’t quit after one season. All startup owners will have a say in a lot of the league rules and structure. I named every team after the NFL cities. All owners may change the name if they want, but must leave the city the same. You will play the same schedule as your nfl counterpart. There will be a payout for division winners, conference winners, super bowl winner and runner-up. This kind of league will only be successful with commuted and active owners so any inactive owners that don’t participate in polls or respond to trades will be fined $5. In order for this league to be fair and no teams get overpowered, players are under 4 year contracts.

This will be my first league like this and I’m hoping a lot of other people as well. But I also know that I will need all the help I can get so anyone that has played in a league like this before is welcomed as well.

If you are interested or have any questions please email me at zgrogan@mail.usf.edu

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Seems dope!

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I run 2 leagues that are 32 teams mimicking the nfl. 1st established in 2009 and the 2nd in 2013.

Im not certain how other websites can handle this type of league, but MFL will consider this a deluxe league which costs $140 with the early bird discount, only leaving your league $340 for its prize pool.

Be prepared for a lot of turn over until you get your rules fine tuned and find the right group of owners.

I can tell you right now, if you fine people $5 for not responding to trades, youll lose most of your owners, especially in the off season.

You really should have your rules setup prior to owners joining so they know what they are joining and then allow for discussion for changing said rules, or else youll have people leave before you even get started when they dont like the direction the rules seem to be going.

Good Luck