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3RB league what's the Value of RB now?


Hey guys,

The winner of my 12 team 1/2 PPR league makes a rule change every year. This year it was to remove the Flex position and add a RB3 spot. I have the 12th pick. My question is, with the RB3, does it make RB’s more valuable early on in the draft? Should I focus on drafting back to back RB with my first 2 picks? Looking to bounce ideas off people. Thanks for the help!


Because of RB talent scarcity I would highly suggest grabbing the best RBs you can early. That said I wouldn’t pass up great value at other positions if it happens to fall to you because everyone else is grabbing RBs.


12 teams and 3 RBs per team is 36 Running backs. Seeing as their are not that many starters I would go RB heavy. If you were to land 4 starters that means others will not even have 3 starters. If you add 5 starting RBS then your opponents will have crappy RBs. yes you might lose value in wr but if someone has a 0-10point rb you will easily make up the difference. Draft RB heavy! You can always trade one for massive value!


uhh… well thats interesting. your pass catching backs become pretty damn important. here comes the problem, with the 12th pick in a 3 RB league, im guessing 8-10 of the top 12 picks are RB. which gives you great value at WR and all… but who can you even take at RB then? there are not many options, and with so long before the next turn where you can pick… holy crap you are in a really bad spot for RBs. so i might suggest, embrace it. take the high end WR talent, and then on the next turn worry about RB. you obviously wont get 2 RB1s, or even one… but you need to counter balance all of the crazy that will come from a 3 RB league. you can snag a danny woodhead, or a jeremy hill (im guessing thats the kind of talent that will be available). some people who wont win you any games, but should keep you in them. tough spot though either way.


I’m definitely in a hard spot! I plan on grabbing woodhead or James white if I can even if I have to reach a little bit. If Zeke falls to me should I take him? If I can have a top 4 WR fall to me I will definitely take them. It seems like I might just have to find value at RB