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3rd/4th round conundrum?


I feel like the 3rd/4th is full of potential busts, lots of risk, but lots of reward. Who do you guys think is the safest player that is currently going near the 3rd/ 4th. Guys like Lynch, Crowell, Watkins, Etc. MFL 10 PPR, I like guys like Crowell but a RB on a bad offense scares the hell out of me, and guys like Watkins could be a potential season winner but has dealt with injuries for pretty much the entirety of his career. Any advice?


You could always get Rodgers or Brees and lock up a legit QB.


its a MFL 10 league and I feel like drafting a QB early is risky, but it is definitely an option


If you dont like the RBs or WRs there, take a guy you like the most
regardless of the position. Youll feel better.


I’d rather take my risk with a RB like Crowell or Lynch in those rounds.


I think if Crow is still there you would take him. If not the top WR is probably the safest pick.