3rd pick 1/2 PPR

This is a keeper league so consider almost all of the first round guys gone. With my 3rd pick I am eyeing down Fournette, Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt, and others. I am leaning towards taking Fournette but I also see Cook having a big season. Thoughts on taking one over the other?

I’d probably go Cook. I was higher on him coming out and think he’s actually the lower injury risk, believe it or not. Big guys and foot issues often aren’t a pretty combination and ACLs aren’t what they used to be.

Throw in the .5 PPR advantage and it’s actually a pretty easy choice for me.

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i’m with @DFWB

for .5 pt PPR i go with Cook

i wouldnt go cook here. we really dont have too much film on him, as good as it was. and latavius murray is still there. he will dip into his production. and the film we do have on him was up and down on touches. 20 rushes one game, 10 the next. 20 the next game, 10 after that. that part doesnt matter as much cause he can catch. what does matter is that fournette and hunt are both there and i would rather have either of them. its close between the 2, so ill let my homer mentality win out and say hunt. you can expect a dip in carries, but i still see him at 65-75% which will get him RB1 numbers. young, durable, doesnt fumble, and catches the ball. 53 in year 1. that number should go up, even if the rushes go down. fournette is just a beast on a team that wants to FEED him. they beefed up the oline even more, and did it by making their weakest link, their strongest with norwell. so he is super tempting. but his health is the only concern. dude will get catches too. even missing 3 games he hit 36 receptions.