3rd Pick - Half Point PPR

Got 3rd Pick - Half Point PPR. Looks like Bell & Gurley are going to be the first two picks. Need help deciding on my pick between DJ, Zeke, Brown and Kamara. Thanks for your help!

Zeke, brown, DJ, kamara would be my order.

Zeke and DJ are very much on par for me. It’s a matter of preference. Personally prefer DJ over Zeke in any PPR formats but couldn’t fault you for taking either. Then its AB and then Barkley/kamara are very even for me.

I’m in the same exact boat. 3rd pick and i’m leaning more towards DJ.

Johnson over Elliott for me in both formats but definitely in any type of PPR. I think Zeke gets more involved in the passing game this year but Johnson would be my pick

DJ would be my default choice. However I’m not sure about their offense this year. If they tank early then there is a chance they wouldn’t use DJ during the Fantasy Football Playoffs. Hence the worry :frowning:


This narrative, is completely unfounded. In 2016 when he was Fantasy Asset #1, their team was also trash. They went 7-8. Their Oline was ranked 26th out of 32 teams. Their QB was below average at best. They had no WRs. The narrative hasn’t changed.

IT DOESN’T MATTER. DJ will be DJ. He is a beast and will eat.