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3rd Pick in Keeper League, 1/2 PPR, 12 Team


Wanting to go with a stud RB, or AB, and Gurley is already gone.

1/2 PPR, 12 Team

Possible options:
David Johnson
Saquan Barkley
Melvin Gordon
Antonio Brown

Looking for top 3 options.


For me it would be 1) Bell 2) DJ 3) AB

Basically if I’m not getting one of those top 3 backs this season I’ll take the consistency of Antonio Brown


Is this a start up and will you be keeping next year onwards? Is there a round penalty etc and how many keepers? I’d take 1) DJ, 2) Zeke, 3) Bell i wouldn’t feel happy keeping Bell next year when he hits free agency and ends up who knows where, but this year he’ll be business as usual I’ve just factored in the risk of keeping him next year vs the other two studs who are going nowhere (no way the Cards let DJ leave).


It’s an existing league and there are round penalties of 1 round from the previous years draft board. 1st rounders can’t be kept tho, so any of these guys mentioned won’t be able to be kept next year unfortunately.


Ah okay, i wouldn’t have any issues going with Bell first in that case. The Steelers will max out on him this year for sure so you’ll have the king of RB volume for one more year