3rd pick in PPR draft help

I have the 3rd pick in a 10 team PPR draft with 3 WR slots and I am struggling to decide if I should pass on most likely Kamara for either Hopkins or Adams?! Am I making a mistake passing on a top 3 RB?!
Thanks in advance

My personal choice would be to take Kamara since there’s not as many high-tier RBs later in drafts. You could still get great value out of WRs like Cooks/Woods, and maybe even a top 8 WR could slip down to your draft position and still end up with someone like AB/Mike Evans/Keenan Allen (depends on how you feel about these players). Don’t get me wrong, Hopkins and Adams are fantastic choices deserving of a possible top-3 pick, I just think there’s a lot less consistent value at the RB position when you hit the later rounds trying to fill out a starting lineup that produces regardless of the matchup.

If you do go the WR route, I think it would be great to pick up a player like Jaylen Samuels who has proven himself if James Conner goes down with injury (or a similar offense with a workhorse RB). This could certainly happen with Tony Pollard and Dallas as they have a strong O-line and if Zeke either continues to hold out (unlikely imo) or gets injured throughout the season, Pollard has very high upside as a handcuff. Latavius Murray for the Saints would also be good to take that way if you don’t draft Kamara and something happens to him and Murray becomes the workhorse, you’ll get the best of both draft picks, and if you do draft Kamara, then hey you always have the Saints’ #1 RB

Good luck on the decision and the rest of the season!