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3rd pick...Zeke or Brown


Looking to see what everyone thinks…in a low buy in league tonight to prepare for the later drafts. Got 3rd pick overall (half ppr). Do you still go Zeke, or grab Brown? Thanks for feedback!


I have the same question!! I’m having the 3rd pick, but that draft will be until August 28, so things will be clear by then. The ballers actually moved Zeke down with all the suspension rumors. The fact that’s Half PPR makes me lean towards Brown.

If you go with Zeke, you just look for Macfadden on late rounds, and you should be okay.


I’d go Brown. I limit risk early and Brown is about as safe as they come. Not sure the Cowboys situation is like the Steelers where nothing really changes touch wise. Cowboys line has had some changes so those first few weeks when they are working things out (the time McFadden plays) could be rough since he doesn’t have the talent Zeke does.

A third name I would throw in the mix is L. McCoy. He was only 30 pts behind Zeke and thats missing a game and a half, plus his big vulture is gone. I think him or Brown will give you a solid start to work your draft after.

Good luck tonight!


“Mock drafts you should do” Yoda 2017


I was actually thinking McCoy in back of my head! But wasnt sure if it was due to the fact that the Bills is my team to cheer for. With what I’ve got so far I may lean Brown but maybe a last minute jump to McCoy given its more of a “practice” draft (I always want to win but not dastic if i dont)


Hahaha @antonio_contreras …love the yoda quote
I do mock draft but also don’t mind putting down $10-$20 for an early draft which is good practice and I get to follow it all year long and make trades to adjust.


I think that whatever you pick (Zeke, Brown, Mccoy), you will be fine. Just don’t forget to get feature backs on the first 3-4 rounds because things begin to look SHADY after that.


Even if Zeke gets suspended, isn’t it likely he’ll appeal the suspension through the players union, meaning that he won’t miss time until the appeal is all done with? If so, he very well could be starting for the first several weeks of the season.

Tough call. Brown is a sure thing. And with the bust rate for 1st Round choices… I’d much rather have the sure thing.


I have been struggling with this as well. I believe there’s plenty of depth on RB (Crowell, Miller, Lynch, AP, Cook) in the early rounds and plenty of depth in WR (Maclin, Crowder, Decker) in the mid rounds.

By picking AB I would go RB-RB-RB in the next 3 rounds and end up with something like:
TY Mont/Cook/AP

Then I’d build depth in WR and take all best available (I usually end up grabbing Maclin, Decker, Crowder, Brandon Marshall)

By picking Zeke I would then go RB-WR-WR and end up with:

I like the first option better. Hope this can help you out @marky8 :wink:

Worth mentioning that I usually adapt to draft tendencies and grab the opposite of what’s being taken (i.e. if lots of RBs were taken early I’d get best available WR and vice versa).


@Paul_the_Pulp great advice!

Like the way you place in perspective and do agree that your first option sounds better.
Espcially that with Brown you could afford going RB heavy and the next few rounds and there will always be decent Wrs later in the draft as opposed to Rbs