3rd Round Pick - Carson or Jacobs

The footballers are real high on Carson this year. They drafted him in the 3rd round (6th pick) above ADP in their recent mock draft. However when I look at the rankings Jacobs is in the tier above Carson which makes me want to default and pick him. Also I have concerns with Carsons injury history. But there is not much to go off of the rookie Jacobs and at the end of the day you can’t argue with the fact the Seahawks want to and will be running the ball a lot this year.

Reach for Carson with the 3.6 pick or take Jacobs?

If this was me drafting, I’d take J Jacobs at 3.04, and see if Carson falls to me in the 4th which has a high probability. If you went WR/WR, that’s a heckin’ real nice volume combo to pair with your stud muffin’ throw acceptors.

Jacob’s current ADP is 4.04 while Carson is 4.08 so your technically reach for both if that’s how your looking at it when ADP is within one round of a player I want I wouldn’t call it a “Reach” presay your just making sure you get your guy knowing he wont come back around next round. With that said I’m taking the Know workload o expect C.Carson to get from a run heavy offense and a top tier QB that will always keep a defense honest and should be ahead more guys then not. Versus a rookie RB with still basically rookie QB who’s allso run happy himself and for a team that could likely be trailing alot.

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Carson. I’d take Montgomery over Jacob’s as well. I don’t want any part of the Raiders clown show.

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Carson easily for me and I agree with @cah102984 in that I would grab Montgomery over Jacobs every day. Especially in dynasty.