3rd Round Pick for Juwan Johnson

Owner offered 2022 3rd pick for Johnson. I currently have Kittle as my starter and the Postman Dan Arnold as my backup. Johnson is on my taxi squad.

Should I capitalize on hit start on take it as I will need a QB in next years draft without a doubt. I was thinking I should I counter with a 2nd round pick.

What are your thoughts?

I’d trade him. In the end it really depends on if you think he’s going to be a feature on the offense or if this was just a every once I a while blow up game. I lean this is an anomaly and over the rest of the season people will forget he was briefly a thing. But this does risk giving away a break out for pennies.

You pretty much need to make an instant decision as if he’s not a thing and gets zero you’ll get nothing for him next week.

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