3rd round RB

I’m in a 12 man keeper league, which means most of the elite running backs are gone. That being said, every time I mock I get to the point where I have to make the decision of taking either Mark Ingram, Chris Carson, or Kenyan Drake. 1/2 point ppr, each guy has their pros and cons.

Who would you take?

Woof. I guess Ingram but I’m not happy about any of those RBs to be honest.

Tough, personally might try for an WR and see which of those makes it back to me in the 4th, but if I had to pick I might go with Carson. This is mostly because I would also target Penney later and know I have the for sure RB in Seattle. RBs in Baltimore scare me as I feel it is a roulette wheel on whose going to hit, and Drake has been ignored at times by the Fins. At least with the Hawks you have guaranteed touches by a team that wants to run the ball.

Who are your keepers? Do you have any of the elite RBs or are you going WR/TE instead?

Ingram. Ravens project to be one of the heaviest run teams. Ingram in no slouch in the passing game either.

I prefer making this pick in the 4th. There are guys I would take higher if in the third.